East Berlin Fish and Game Association



General Rental Information

2022 Rental Fees:

Members:            Building $300 with $100 Deposit

Non-Members:    Building $400 with $100 Deposit

Rental Rules:

 - East Berlin Fish And Game Association facilities are located at 1808 Fish and Game
   Rd., East Berlin, Pa. 17316

 - Renter is responsible for rented facility setup, teardown and cleanup.

 - Use of fasteners other than tape (clips, hangers, staples, etc.) is prohibited.

 - Tables in the club house shall be returned to their original positions (east - west

 - Tables and chairs shall be wiped clean with chairs returned to table tops.

 - Rented facilities (grounds, hall, buildings, B-B-Q pit and bathrooms) shall be clear of
   all trash after rental.

 - Refuse is to be properly disposed of in the Association dumpster behind the main hall.

 - Smoking (tobacco, vaping, any other substances) is NOT permitted inside Association

 - Illicit substances are prohibited on Association grounds.

 - Illicit activities are prohibited on Association grounds.

 - All rented facilities shall be vacated no later than midnight the day of the rental.

 - Renter is responsible for all damage to the grounds and facilities (including
   Association owned building contents).

 - Alcohol consumed on Association property during rental, will be the sole
   responsibility of the renter and must be provided in accordance with all local and
   PALCB guidelines.

 - Shooting activities (including archery and air guns) are prohibited during rental by
   renters and/or guests.

 - Fishing is prohibited during club house rental by renter and/or guests.

 - Renter must provide proof of insurance coverage.

 - Wall outlets (left of kitchen door) are available for general use.

 - A standard kitchen size refrigerator (located in the kitchen) is available for renters

 - As per fire code regulations, maximum facility occupation is limited to 250
   individuals at any one time. 

Click on this link to download and print our rental agreement.

Rodney Palmer

Rental Committee Chairman
Board of Director
(717) 528-7515