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EAST BERLIN FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION 1808 Fish and Game Rd. East Berlin, PA 17316 March-April 2022

The next Gun Dinner is April 16, 2022. Tickets are $25.00 ea. Only 500 tickets are being sold. Small games of chance, Dinner, set up, door prizes, and 21 guns or cash prizes are up for grabs. No one under 18 will be admitted. Tickets and fryers will be available soon. POC for tickets, info, or any questions is Byron Bechtel. 717451-5763

We are still seeking someone for the roles of the Treasurer and Financial Secretary. We would prefer candidates to have experience with software-based accounting systems or someone who is willing to learn. Contact Jason Trimmer 717-688-3058

The Club has changes for rental rates, they are as follows:

Members- $300.00 with a $100.00 deposit. Non-members- $400.00 with a $100.00 deposit. If you use the gas stove in the kitchen there is an additional $50.00 charge. You will receive a $100.00 refund for cleanup of the rental. For additional information call Rodney Palmer 717- 528-7515.

Thank you to the 240 members who filled out the bottom of the sheet with their membership renewal form to help with club events. We appreciate you.

Attention Members we need your help. We are asking each and everyone of you to participate. We encourage you to attend the monthly membership meetings to participate in discussions or bringing new ideas to the table that will help generate income for the Association. With the rising cost of fuel and supplies and other items that we need, we need your help even more. Most of our operational cost like utilities, insurance is currently being consumed by membership dues, gun shows and block shoots. These events are becoming not enough revenue and at some point, it will cause us to consider raising our membership dues to offset our expenses. We take pride in keeping the cost of membership low compared to surrounding organizations. If we can get more involved, we could generate the necessary revenue to put back into the buildings and grounds, draw more of the public to participate at our events. To put another perspective on the participation efforts. Every year we have an appreciation banquet. This banquet is offsite and catered so that the invitees can sit down and enjoy and meal and comradery amongst other members. On average approximately 60 members are invited to this banquet. We are not asking for you to make East Berlin Fish and game your second home, we are just asking you to give us a few hours here or there. Lots of hands makes for little work. On a positive note, for all of you that do participate we again thank you for your time and dedication that you give.

President, Jason Trimmer

Notification to all Members

In accordance with the By-Laws. We reviewed the proposed amendments to the by-laws on February 17th, 2022, at our monthly membership meeting. Attached are the proposed by-law amendments by the by-law Committee for your review. We are Officially notifying you to attend the April 21st meeting. This meeting will be the final reading and the voting will occur after. Each proposed section will be separate, and you would be voting on each section individually. Those sections that pass with a majority vote will be adopted to the by-laws. To better understand what you are reading black text is the original printed text in the by-laws currently. Red text is what was proposed to be removed from the original by-laws. Green text is what is proposed to be added to the by-laws.