East Berlin Fish and Game Association


Pond Rules



Pond will remain open during club rentals.

Hunting and Fishing will be permitted by members and their immediate family. Those individuals considered immediate family are member, spouse, legal guardianship, your children and or Grand children. Children must be under the legal membership age of 18 and must be accompanied by a member. All Fish and Game Commission rules will apply while hunting on club grounds.

  1.  Fishing only when permitted by the board of directors. 
  2.  Minnows will NOT be allowed.
  3.  No boating.
  4.  No swimming.
  5.  No shooting of waterfowl or fish. This includes waterfowl taking refuge on the pond.
  6.  No ice skating on the pond at any time.
  7.  No ice fishing on the pond.
  8.  No fires of any kind permitted on club ground.
  9. Trapping will be permitted if permission is obtained from the board of directors.
  10. Turtle lines will be allowed, if approval by the board of directors is obtained.
  11. Anyone using the pond will use the parking lot at the club. Parking along the road and walking to the pond is not allowed.
  12. Littering will NOT be tolerated. Club members will be responsible for his or her families behavior.
  13. The club creel limit is 3 trout per day per person. All other species are subject to state regulations unless otherwise posted. After May 15, trout creel limit will be subject to state regulations.
  14. All regulations apply to members and their family. Violators will have membership revoked.
  15. No dog training from March through June due to waterfowl hatching or nesting.
  16. Alcohol is prohibited.
  17. Your Membership card Must be displayed at all times while on any East Berlin Fish and Game Association property.