East Berlin Fish and Game Association


Weekend range hours are as follows:

Saturdays: No shooting before 8AM

Sundays: No shooting before 12PM 

You are responsible for our range!!! 

Please police your spent brass and others using the range.


 If you did not receive one during membership renewal please attend a membership meeting and ask for one. If your card is not displayed you WILL be asked to leave. Thank You.

Weekend rifle range hours are as follows:

Saturdays: NO shooting before 8am

Sundays: NO shooting before 12 PM (lunchtime)

EBFG ID Cards MUST be prominently displayed while you are on the range. 

You WILL be asked to leave if you do not have your card. 

We have 3 ranges for members to  use at EBFG.

The sighting in range across Fish and Game Road from the club house has a 25yd, 50yd, 100yd, 200yd and 300 yard ranges.

Beside the clubhouse is a 50yd and 100 yard range.

We also have an indoor .22 rimfire range.(currently Suspended)

There is also a drop down board for your safety on the sighting in range to temporarily close the range while you are placing targets on the backboards. Please leave it in the up position when you leave the range to prevent confusion as to range availability.

Rifle Range Rules 

Rifle range will be open to all members. One guest will also be permitted. Member must remain with his or her guest.
Range open to members only during November and December. 
No use of club side rifle range will be allowed during club activities or rentals. 
No use of the range during the first day of trout season either.
Shooting at paper (no larger than 20 x 20) only. 
Each shooter will take his or her spent brass with him or her when he or she is finished.
Use all measures of safety and common sense when using the range. This includes the safety of other people also.
Treat all holders and club property with respect. No littering will be permitted.
These regulations apply to all members and their guest. Each member is responsible for his or her guests' behavior. Violators will have their club membership revoked.
Sighting in range will be open at all times (across Fish and Game Road)
Single projectile ammo only. No shot shells except slugs.
No fully automatic firearms of any kind allowed on club property.
No shooting before 12PM on Sunday morning.
Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
No 50 caliber BMG for safety reasons.

Every member should check membership id's of anyone at the ranges to insure that the ranges are being used by members and not trespassers.  Also the backstops are being shot at with shot shells and someone is using nails and hanging old clay birds on the backstops and destroying your ranges. If you see it tell them to stop make them leave, do something, don't just over look it because in the end you as a member pay for it!